Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I *Love* The Library

I stopped off at the library last night to drop off 27 of the 34 books I've currently got checked out (no joke!) and they finally got the copy of Irene Semanchuk's "Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay" . I'm so in love with this book! I'm bribing myself that if I get the bookkeeping & grocery shopping done this morning I can work on the book's version of faux rusted steel or abalone. Jenny Cox's faux abalone recipe is one of my favorites as well.
If there is one thing (and there is only one thing) that drives me up a wall about working with polymer clay it's the complete and total LACK of boundries. Seriously! Every single time I end up at my workbench I'm almost vapor-locked by the zillions of options. Do I want to make canes? Play with faux surfaces? Scuplt? Make a picture? Make beads? Pendants? Clasps? Bracelets? Don't even start me on what COLOR to choose....

If I can keep my end of the bargain (wait... BOTH ends are mine, aren't they? Darnit.) I'll try to get some pics up of what I manage to create.


  1. Your library must have a better craft book collection than ours here is Spokane. Its always a little disappointing not to have access to the latest and greatest beading craft books.

  2. Actually the selection at my local is pretty weak unless you're a quilting fiend (and I'm NOT) but the system's website lets you order books from other branches or library systems.
    If your library doesn't have an online catalog ask the librarian about inter-library loan, it's AWESOME! And free! :-)